It Will Happen: A 2021 Virtual Nursing Theory Conference!

The planning group for the 2021 Nursing Theory Conference has determined that 2021 will be a virtual conference co-hosted by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Memphis and Case Western Reserve University School of Nursing!  We are planning for a return to face-to-face events – in 2022 hosted by University of Tennessee Health Science Center School of Nursing, and in 2023 hosted by Charles Drew University in Los Angeles.  

Early this coming fall, Leslie Nicoll, our conference planning leader, will convene planning meetings to work out the details of the 2021 virtual conference, which will be offered on March 18th and March 19th. We will work to bring as much of the planned program for 2020 to this virtual event as possible, including the breakout sessions by those who had their abstracts accepted for 2020. If you had planned to present a breakout session, we will be in touch early in the fall to work out details.  If you registered for the Case conference, and agreed to hold your registration over for 2021 – you are all set!  Registration for those not yet registered will be available in September! 

So stay tuned – enter your email address in the sidebar to follow this blog for the latest information!  Suggestions along the way?  Use our handy contact form to let us know!

2nd Annual Nursing Theory Conference cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

It was with great sadness that we had to make the decision, on March 9, 2020, to cancel the much-anticipated 2nd Annual Nursing Theory Conference.  We had a terrific program, which included 69 breakout sessions – presentations by participants documenting and discussing the latest developments in nursing theory and philosophy.  We will be retaining the material for each of the breakout sessions, as well as the plenary sessions on this website.  All of this information will be permanently retained on this site on the 2020 Nursing Theory Conference Archive.  We are also exploring other ways to facilitate virtual presentations of this important work.

Over the coming few weeks, we will turn our focus to the 2021 conference that will be held in Memphis, Tennessee at the University of Tennessee College of Nursing, where they are in the process of establishing the Margaret A. Newman Endowed Chair   We are working with all of those who had planned to be on the 2020 program to facilitate their updated participation for 2021.  The enthusiasm and energy for the Nursing Theory Conference initiative has been amazing, and we know that this will persist as we continue to plan for the future!

We encourage everyone to follow this blog – we will post updated information about provisions for sharing 2020 presentations virtually, and about the very latest as we plan for 2021!  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please use our contact form and let us know!

Northeast Ohio Nurses Celebrate the Year of the Nurse and Midwife!

Our host for the 2nd Annual Nursing Theory Conference, Case Western Reserve Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, has launched a Northeast Ohio project to post a daily message from Northeast Ohio nurses throughout 2020 – the Year of the Nurse and Midwife!  The project kicks off on January 21st at the site of our 2020 conference – the Samson Pavilion, Health Education Campus, Case Western Reserve University, 9501 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106

Throughout the year, we can all follow these daily messages to join in the celebration of the global Year of the Nurse and Midwife, and at the same time gain a glimpse into the context in which our March conference will be situated!  You can see the past messages, and also follow along throughout the year of the project blog!

Here is the message from January 1, 2020 from FPB dean, Carol Musil!

A Holiday Project – Your Abstract!

We now have a prime opportunity for everyone concerned with the future  direction of nursing – a place to discuss creative and innovative ideas that shape the nature of our discipline!!  You can be part of this by submitting your abstract for The Annual Nursing Theory Conference!  Our 2020 conference is planned on a short time frame – it grew out of the determination of the participants in 2019 theory conferences to continue the important discussions generated there!  We settled on the spring date for our ongoing conferences – which for 2020 means we have a short time to make this happen, but we know there is energy to do this!  And if you are reading this – you are part of what will make this happen!

Abstracts can cover a wide and diverse range, and we only need two short items describing your idea – a 100 word statement reflecting on how your idea is consistent with the conference mission, and another 300 words or less describing your presentation.  The annual conference mission is

. . . to provide a global forum where all nurses can gather to nurture and critique nursing theory thereby expanding nursing’s unique disciplinary knowledge for practice, research, education, and policy. Recognizing that the ultimate purpose of nursing is the improvement of the health and wellbeing of all people, situated in the wholeness of their system context, we commit to supporting a place for active and equitable theoretical discourse. We value, support, and encourage the diversity of theoretical perspectives in nursing to enhance our unique knowledge base. Grounding us firmly in these tenets, we acknowledge the powerful link between philosophy, theory, research, and social change..

The deadline for abstract submission is December 15th, and you will be notified by January 15th about the status of your submission.  So take a bit of time out of your holiday preparation tasks to send us your idea!  Here is the link to the submission process, and to the handy online submission form!

Meet the Nursing Theory Conference Logo!

The launch of this website also marks the launch of a plan to sustain an annual conference dedicated to advancing the development of nursing theory. An important component in this process was the development of a visual symbol – a logo – that represents what these conferences are all about!

Our logo was designed by Christian Tedjasukmana, a nurse, artist, and designer who is married to our management team member, Brandon Brown. Christian researched a number of symbolic meanings associated with the process of development of nursing knowledge and shared that his final design was inspired by a combination of meanings embedded within ancient spiritual imagery, Roman mythology, and color symbolism.

The logo reflects the Roman god Janus, who had two faces – one looking to the past and the other looking to the future.  The two heads not only represent the honoring of past knowledge and progress toward future enlightenment, but it also represents the unity of like-minds working together to advance our discipline. The red flame arising from the two heads represents the ever-evolving insights that arise from the unity of minds – the life, knowledge, energy, and emotion that illuminates and informs both the insights and understandings that are expressed in nursing knowledge.

The two heads are set upon a golden spiral background with the deep yellow signifying both knowledge and inspiration — with the two spirals going both in and out — symbolizing the continual giving and receiving of knowledge. Spirals are among the most ancient and universal symbols representing evolution, progress, learning, and growing. Spirals also represent the cycle of life, cycles of both time and nature, cosmic forces, and the dynamic aspect of life

Thank you to Christian – your thoughtful approach to the development of our logo is an inspiring model for all of us in developing nursing knowledge for the future!



We are on our way!

2019 has been a banner year for Nursing Theory!  The Case Western Reserve Nursing Theory conference in March set the stage for a renewed commitment to the development of nursing knowledge, and now we are anticipating another foundational conference at the KING Collaborative conference in Washington, DC on November 14 -15!  Plus, 2019 is the first full year when has been available as the prime resource for all matters related to the development of nursing knowledge.

The energy for all of these efforts arose from a growing concern that nursing as a discipline was getting lost in the massive changes and trends in healthcare worldwide, and the growing awareness that the fundamental values of nursing are key to shaping healthcare to meet the basic human need for caring and support in the process of moving through the challenges of illness and maintaining optimal health.

The 2020 Nursing Theory Conference, and those that follow in the years to come, will provide opportunities for nurses to build on the heritage of the past, discuss and contemplate the challenges of the present and the core theoretical ideas that address those challenges, and develop the way forward in the future!  We invite you to join us!