2022 Progam

The 2022 Virtual Nursing Theory conference will be from March 17-21, 2022 with online plenary and knowledge sessions scheduled over the 5 days of the conference. All who register will receive the conference Guidebook, which will contain the full program details and resources related to each presentation. The outline of the program below is current as of February 3, 2022; it is subject to change and any changes will be updated in Guidebook!

Memphis, Tennessee is the local site for the Virtual Nursing Theory Week 2022 conference. Memphis was the home of Dr. Margaret Newman, author of the featured article on which the conference theme is based: “A World of No Boundaries” (Available for download at no cost for the conference)

Conference Outline

Thursday March 17

10-11:30 am Eastern: Welcome and Opening Panel Keynote. Opening panel will be led by J. Carolyn Graff, PhD Program Director at the UTHSC College of Nursing. The panel will feature the life and work of Margaret Newman, and lay the foundation for exploring the conference theme – “A World of No Boundaries” throughout the conference.

Noon to 5 pm Eastern: 30-minute knowledge sessions (including breaks every 90 minutes). Tentative presenters and topics are:

  • Shields, Deborah – Explorations of Wholeness and Brokenness: Theory As Our Ally
  • Ashley, Lisa – Nurse Executives: Agency Grounded in Identities of Nurse and Executive
  • Neal, Kathleen – Using Margaret Newman’s Health as Expanding Consciousness to Explore Nurses’ Pattern Recognition
  • Quay, Catherine – Exploring the use of nursing theory to guide doctoral nursing research
  • Dallaire, Clemence – Metatheory in nursing
  • Erickson, Margaret – Building Bridges, Removing Barriers, and Connecting Humanity Through Nursing Theory

5 – 6 pm Eastern: Open Daily Discussion

Friday March 18

9 am to 4 pm Eastern: 30- minute knowledge sessions (including breaks every 90 minutes, with 30 minutes for lunch)

  • Schoenhofer, Savina – Celebrating Connectedness in Nursing Theory Development: Grand <> Middle Range Theories
  • Oerther, Daniel – Converging nursing and engineering to care for human welfare and planetary health
  • Ben Ahmed, Houssem Eddine Eddine – Developing a caring inclusive culture in nursing education through signature pedagogy
  • Nye, Caitlin – Norm-Critical Pedagogy: Deconstructing Boundaries
  • Freysteinson, Wyona M. – Redefining Nursing’s Ontology of Person
  • Foli, Karen – Locating the “Unspeakable”: Surfing Nurse-Specific Trauma
  • Taylor, Mike – A Radical Deconstruction of the Theoretical Boundaries in Health Disparity Research
  • Hardy, Marie-Soleil – Crossing the boundaries of the concept of environment to holistic care
  • Zinan, Nora – Humility in Health Care: A Model Framework

4-5 pm Eastern: Open Daily Discussion

Saturday, March 19

9 – 10:30 Eastern: Opening Panel organized by students and early-career nurse scholars, with a focus on the future of nursing knowledge development

10:45 am – 2 pm Eastern: 30- minute knowledge sessions (including breaks every 90 minutes)

  • Leveille-Tulce, Anne Marie Berthe – Towards an Antiracism Framework for Human NonHuman Environment Wellbecoming
  • Kent, Dorothy – Social Affiliation Under Threat: The “Tend and Befriend” Stress Response
  • Moubarak, Nisrine – Using Neuman System Model Without Boundaries to develop a diabetes nursing training
  • Chinn, Peggy – Love as the Practice of Nursing
  • Mokel, Melissa – Our Voices: A Documentary onthe Experiences of Nurses of Color with Racism
  • Canty, Lucinda – vanManen’s Phenomenology and the experience of severe maternal morbidity among Black women

2-3 pm Eastern: Open Daily Discussion

Sunday, March 20

1 – 4:15 Eastern: 30-minute knowledge Sesssions (with break after 90 minutes)

  • Zahourek, Rorry – “Dynamic differentiation”: No Boundaries in the Theory Intentionality: The Matrix of Healing
  • Hopkins-Walsh, Jane – Decolonization is an Impossibility
  • Riegel, Fernando – Teaching Nursing Diagnosis as Holistic Critical Thinking: An Emerging Mid-Range Nursing Theory
  • Rosa, Katherine – Development and Psychometric Testing of the Nurse-Patient Relationship as Healing Transformation Scale
  • Murt, Maria – A Study of Nurses on Governing Boards: Theoretical Connections
  • Nikfarid, Lida – Human as an embodied spirit, a conceptual framework based on Iranian wisdom

4:15 – 5:15 Eastern: Open Daily Discussion

Monday, March 21

9 am to 2 pm Eastern: 30-minute knowledge sessions (with breaks every 90 minutes)

  • Al-Chami, Mohamad Hamze – Economization of Home Care in Ontario: A Critical Ethnography of Nursing Actions
  • Evans , Cathleen – Teaching for Transfer Creates Learning without Boundaries
  • Leclerc, Lucy – Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare: A Contemporary Theory Focusing on the Human Experience
  • Walding, Teresa – See Beyond Boundaries: Explore Resilience Principles as a Paradigm
  • Martin, Patrick – A Double Dialectic in the Bureaucratic Caring Theory: Towards a Transformational Teleology
  • Narruhn, Robin – From Biopower to Liberated Praxis; Justice for the Ri Majol
  • Littzen-Brown, Chloé – A Theoretical Framework for Young Adult Nurse Work-Related Well-Being
  • Smith, Marlaine – Developing a Toolkit for Implementing AACN Essentials – Domain #1
  • Cowling, Richard – The Infinite Possibilities of a Unitary Science of Nursing

2:15 – 3:45 pm Eastern: Closing Panel and Welcome to Los Angeles. Closing panel led by Diane Breckenridge, PhD, MSN, RN, ANEF of Charles Drew University in Los Angeles. The panel is being planned by representatives of several Los Angeles area Colleges and Universities with stellar histories related to the development of nursing knowledge, including UCLA, UC Irvine, and Azusa Pacific. They will introduce the initial vision for the 2023 conference, including a summary of the notable histories of nursing knowledge development in the Los Angeles area.

3:45 to 4:45 pm Eastern: Closing Daily Discussion

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