2021 VNTW Evaluation Summary

The overall quality of this event was:What was your single favorite thing about the VNTW 2021?What could we have changed, or done better?
Very GoodComfort of home
Very GoodZoom format, the range and depth of topicsIt would be wonderful to have the sessions recorded for those who could not attend each and every one
Very Goodthe length over an entire week and I think it was possible because it was virtuelI missed meeting in person but that was the second best choice
ExcellentI really enoyed the Zoom experience and there were so many that were synergistic and of interest to me. I really gained some very important knowledge and my own work was augmented by various perspectives in so many different dimensions.It was long and I did have to take care of myself and choose to miss some presentations that I regretted.
ExcellentHaving attended a handful of virtual conferences, I felt this was – by far – the smoothest experience to attend and to present. Well done!Nothing you could have changed – the struggle with attending sessions was my own trouble with school/work/family life not stopping while we’re all at home. At an in-person conference, I would have loved to attend more sessions – but this was certainly not your fault. I’m so glad you decided to hold it virtually – enjoyed attending and presenting!
ExcellentDiversity of topics rooted in today’s (as well as future) nursing issues and applicationsMaking tape of sessions if economically feasible
ExcellentDiscussions and commentaries were highly constructive and respectful.To be honest, nothing. The organization was impressive. Everything ran smoothly, although it was entirely online. Congratulations to the organizing committee !
ExcellentThe caliber of the speakers was top notch!I’ d like recordings and maybe a little better “guide book” that would link together somewhat more intuitively. I’ve seen several formats for virtual conferences in the last year (some better than others), however, I understand that there is a budget for this.
ExcellentLearning about emancipatory nursingNoe at all
Excellentbeing able to attend all sessionsaccess to te guidebook on line before te conference. Pone access for me compromised.
ExcellentThe enthusiasm from everyone!Nothing really. Perhaps this many days is a bit too long. But I would not want any of it shortened!
ExcellentSuperb scholarly presentations. I loved opportunity to attend EVERYTHING (no conflicts)Perhaps some structure to the discussion – like themes. Perhaps reference lists for presentations (I know they are available on slides).
Excellentthe guidebook, its ease of accessibility to all information in one placeWish sessions/chats could be recorded for future reference, replaying
don’t start so early EST
ExcellentAttending numerous presentations and the discussions at end of day.A discussion end of day Tuesday.
ExcellentThe vigorous discussions at the end of each day because this was an opportunity to connect with speakers and attendee to synthesize thoughts from the day. Brilliant!Figure out a way for attendees and panelists to be more completely engaged. This conference is not only about presenting, but to also seed new thoughts and make new connections as we develop the discipline of nursing.
ExcellentWe have met people from everywhereLong-period sessions are hard, some days were hard to find a room with our agenda.
ExcellentI loved the workshops, but the daily discussions were my favoriteI liked this format.
Very GoodLast presentation on Margaret NewmanIt was excellent. I can’t believe you were able to pull this off so beautifully. Bravo!
Excellentthat I could attend everythingWhen I was a presenter, I could view the names of those present. I would have liked to be able to see who was there when I was attending. On the first day I could chat directly with other presenters but didn’t see that later.
ExcellentSpaced out format of presentations.Recorded presentations for those who cannot attend due to work, make them available after the conference for a few weeks.
ExcellentDelivery of conference by ZoomNo recommendations!
ExcellentThe opportunity to hear from great theorists and to reflect and build more on my work.It was outstanding. So well organized.
ExcellentConnecting with colleagues through Zoom.I was nervous about the technology and didn’t attend the rehearsal, but Ray was so patient and helpful.
Very Gooddiscussions and emancipatory focusa week was a very long time to be engaged- it was too hard to attend every day for 7 days. I think 3 is max for comfort. This was more like an educational intensive format.
Being able to attend sessions without having to select between concurrent sessions. I would have been on every day but my 80th firthday was on the 18th and I had a major schedule confult on the 22nd.NoOthing — it was a fabulous conference! I liked it much better than an in person conference, perhaps due to knowing som many of the presenters from other events and times.
ExcellentThe diverse perspectivesCondensed the conference to not span over 1 week. Have it over 2.5-3 days max with breakout sessions.
Excellentclose up intimacy with theorists and participants and stimulating concepts, ideas, sharing at the soul levelThe whole conference worked. With a few sessions early and then a few
business Zooms I had to attend, I still could see what speakers were discussing
with the excellent guidebook
GoodThe dialogue after every session.Record sessions and make them available for a while afterward. If I had attended in person I would not have attended this many sessions for this long. What tends to happen with virtual conferences is we don’t actually take the time off (especially a whole week) or meetings pile up, etc. So it’s not realistic to attend 70 sessions across the span of a week.
ExcellentThe discussions on Rosemary Ellis’ conceptualization on nursing theory and nursing science.I can’t think of any thing that could have been better.
ExcellentHearing about new nursing theoriesNothing
ExcellentThe program was excellentIt was hard to set aside the amount of time/days for this conference so while I liked the idea, I found it very hard to participate.
ExcellentEmancipatory theory, radical thinking,equityOne day was as too long for learning
Dialogue must be more than opinion
ExcellentThe VNTW was an outstanding conference. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the event. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to hear and discuss with others who are interested in nursing theory and knowledge development in our discipline.congratulations!
Excellentexcellent speakers-It would have been easier to just have a simple link to the presentations emailed to us rather than having to go through several links within the email and guidebook.
-Information about CE credits
Excellentsharing ideas
Goodgetting to hear from nurse theorist we have studied and those upcomingDid very well with on line format. Offer this again with face to face for those who cannot travel to Memphis
Very GoodThe NTC PanelA week long conference is not feasible for people who work full-time and have multiple responsibilities. It would be best to condense this down to 3 days and offer multiple breakout rooms at one time, similar to ENRS
Very GoodGuidebook incredibly helpfulTrain speakers on Zoom. Opening panel was very slow going and did not build excitement the way I expected given the topics. Focusing on past influencers is a good learning experience but it feels exclusive to us who are new to the field and getting our toes wet.
ExcellentThe fact that sessions were not overlappingThe weekend was very difficult to attend due to family and work obligations
ExcellentVariety and caliber of speakersNothing as failing to attend more sessions is all on me for not blocking out the time.
ExcellentThe presentation displaying the world of caring and impact on caring practices.
ExcellentI love the openness and warmth of the participants.None
ExcellentThe variety of presenations related to NursologySome of the presentations needed to be longer. Those presentations/speakers that helped us learn about how to actually apply theories to our practice-that included stories or case examples needed additional time. I greatly valued learning about theories/conceptual frameworks, mid-range theories, philosophical discussions, etc. but some presenters gave us ways we could apply the theories/theoretical frameworks in educational or practice settings. Stories and case examples and the “how to” to use a theory are great for educators, practitioners, students but it is hard to provide the theoretical framework and still have time for the examples/stories/ case examples
Fairthe fact that it was heldI know you tried hard. The directions were too complicated. How many have this much time to spend on zoom? Zoom can be boring. Presenters need to be more focussed. Some really did not have anything new to say.
ExcellentThe focus on nursing theory and the importance of using nursing theory to enrich knowledge and guide practice and research.maybe a longer break of an hour mid day
ExcellentThe whole organisation was absolutely outstanding!Nothing comes to mind.
Very GoodBeing able to hear from nursing theory trailblzers.
ExcellentThe richness and connection of this AMAZING communityOf course there are some presenters that I could have listened to forever

I had a little challenge with discussion links
ExcellentI really enjoyed all the topics
Very GoodThe ability to attend sessions the met my goals without having to choose between options.It would help to have additional time for dialogue.
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