2020 Student Scholarship Awardees

We are delighted to present the following awardees for the 2020 Student Scholarships.

Rita Amoah

Rita Amoah, RN, B.Ed
UMass Medical Center, Worcester

“I am interested in nursing theory development because the process has the power to promote nursing as a unique discipline. Well tested nursing concepts and theories developed from knowledge being used effectively and safely (although not scientifically proven) can be inculcated into the nursing education curriculum to ensure well-defined future of the nursing discipline.”


Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson, MS-CRM, BSN, RN
Univ. of Arizona, Tucson

“Theory and influence of nursing knowledge is sorely lacking in many specialties where nurses presently serve, and I hope to support a shift to include our profession’s wealth of experience and passion.”



Nisrine Moubarak

Nisrine Moubarak, SF, M.Sc.
Laval University, Quebec

“As nursing knowledge is increasingly complex it has become clear that the acquisition of knowledge raises personal awareness, resolve the dilemmas of practice, and promote professional accountability.”



Daniel Suárez Baquero

Daniel Suárez Baquero, MSN, RN
Univ. of Texas, Austin

“I started to read about Nursing theories in the early years of my career, when I was studying my BSN in Colombia. I looked with astonishment the development in Nursing knowledge, and I felt in love, how amazing my discipline is!”

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